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Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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How do I love my Kindle ...

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It is a dark and stormy Saturday morning; I am sitting at the dining room table writing, sipping coffee, and enjoying the view outside of the barn, the field of corn out beyond it, and the trees swaying in the wind as rain falls from the dark clouds.  The tapping sound of rain on the windows adds to a cozy mood; my husband is sitting on the sofa in our dining room reading the paper by the warm glow of a lamp, the giant English Mastiff is at his feet, while Blu is laying beside of me.  I hear the low rumble of The Duke (my son's English Bulldog) snorning in my studio.  I need to fetch a pair of socks, because there is a draft that is making me cold. I Love my KindleThis morning my Kindle reader is on my mind.  My husband gave it to me for my birthday back in August, and I have been surprised by my feelings of love and attachment to this wonderful electronic device.   Of all the electronic devices and gadgets the surround me today, the Kindle is the one that really stands out as being something much different in my mind.  It doesn't actually seem to be very electronic, in fact, I refer to it as my "book", not my "Kindle" and I take it with me everywhere in the house, in the car ... it is my constant companion. Books have always been dear to me, and I will continue to love the look and feel of a real book in my hand, on the shelf, the coffee table ... decoratively and functionally, books are a treasure to me.  However, as life has progressed I have found that books are not as comfortable to carry around and hold as I read.  With my Kindle, I can carry hundreds of books around with me, including a fully loaded dictionary -- and I can do this pain-free. I can change the font size of the display, so that if I can't find my reading glasses or don't care to wear them I can still comfortably read.  And, I love the display -- it is this cool electronic ink that looks like ink on paper.  It does not have an electronic look to it at all.  Another cool thing is that photos and other graphics look beautiful and crisp in the Kindle-screen monochrome. I love my Kindle so much I have set up a page on my website devoted to the subject.  Amazon has a widget thing that I was able to put on that page where I can share the Kindle devices I love as well as books and blogs I have found in the Kindle store and enjoyed enough to recommend to you.  I can update the widget as I have other items to recommend to you. The first book I downloaded and read was "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett -- it was a wonderful read, and I can well understand why it has been at the top of the NY Times Best Seller's list (combined print and ebook) for a while now.   I have also sampled a few different knitting books on Kindle to see what that experience is like, and I am very pleased with how patterns display on the Kindle as well as how comfortable and easy it is to refer to a pattern on a Kindle as I knit.  There are a ton of free old books of knitting education, patterns, techniques, etc. that you can instantly download to the device. So far I have only published one of my patterns for Kindle, but I am working on a Kindle book (as well as eBook version) that has all of my Christmas Stocking knitting patterns in it.  Soon as that is ready I will announce it on my blog and in an email to my readers.  I have set up my blog so people can subscribe to it on Kindle, and I have published two books so far for Kindle (one is my father's book of inspirational poetry, and the other is my humorous short, short story for knitters).  For those who do not own Kindles or other electronic readers, I also published these books as regular eBooks that can be downloaded to your computer and printed out or read on your monitor. If you don't have a Kindle yet, I really recommend you look into getting one.  They range in price from $79 to $400 and ... well, wonderful really. Hopefully my heartfelt review and comments will be of help to some of you, my dear readers. Have a great weekend. ~firefly

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