Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Care of Our Hand Dyed and Hand Painted Artisan Yarns

Our hand dyed and hand painted artisan yarns should be handled as the works of art that they are.  They are works of art that we have carefully and tenderly dyed and in some cases painted just for you.  They cost more because of the time, care, and artistry we (fine artists) put into them.

Swatch and Test with Something Else

It is wise to swatch and test any pattern you are knitting, regardless of what yarn you are using.  When you are using Lucky Violet Color Co yarn you should use a less expensive yarn with a similar weight and yardage to work your swatch and tests.  You should get to know the pattern you are working to a point where you are sure you won't be making mistakes before beginning to knit with your artisan yarn.


Blocking your artisan yarn can be handled in one of two ways -- depending on the colors you are using -- as follows:

1) If you are combining very dark colors with very light colors in your piece, you should not soak your item before blocking.  Instead, use a dry/spray blocking technique to avoid any bleeding of dark colors into light sections.  To dry/spray block simply pin your finished dry item in place on blocking mats to the desired dimensions.  Spray luke warm water on one color at a time -- for instance, if you have areas of more or less solid red, spray those areas first.  Allow the sprayed area(s) to dry completely (24 to 48 hours), then spray and dry your lighter areas.

2) If you have not combined very dark colors with very light colors go ahead and soak your item as usual before blocking.

Care for Your Finished Items

Wear them gently, keep them gently folded in decorative boxes or plastic containers, possibly ziplocked in a 2.5 gallon ziploc back (but make sure they are totally dry before doing this).

If cleaning is needed, use a dry/spray cleaning method if you have combined very dark colors with light colors.  If color combination is not a problem, then soak and clean gently in tepid water.  Dry flat.