Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — 4th of July

A perfect little piece of sunshine

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Every year, right about the 4th of July, our wild raspberries start turning from pale red to deep, almost black purple.  At first you just see one here or there, then the next day another three or four.  And it builds that way until suddenly there are shiny purple wild raspberries in such abundance that you can't pick them fast enough to eat, preserve, bake and so forth.  Our started turning a little bit early this year, but they are turning slowly day by day. Our baby grand-daughter got her first opportunity to stand in front of the berry canes...

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Magic moments of light

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In my photography and painting, it is the magic of light and shadow I love most and hope most to capture and communicate. When I look at life outside our livingroom window, or driving down a country road, or as I wait on the bank of the river by our cottage while my husband mows the lawn, I see bits and pieces of light at times that cause me to catch my breath because in those fleeting moments of perfect light I see God. In Western New York I find many magic moments of light in my mornings and evenings....

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From Sea to Shining Sea: Western New York

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From the top of Pike's Peak, according to the inspiration behind "America the Beautiful", a person can see from sea to shining sea across the beautiful land that is America. Today, this 4th of July in 2007, we handful of bloggers have launched the Pike's Peak Project to give a view of America in word and photograph that does truly stretch from sea to shining sea. This project began as a tribute to my brother, Dan, who passed away just over two years ago. Dan loved America, the view from Pike's Peak, and the song that lies at the foundation...

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Approaching Pike's Peak

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Thank you to everyone who gave me a warm welcome home. You are such good friends; your well wishes always make my day. Being home again is an interesting experience, considering this has only been "home" for a little over a year now. What a feeling of "home" though. Oddly enough, knowing this place as home helped me feel more relaxed and happy visiting Los Angeles. The traffic jams did not annoy me in the least (and I drove in much traffic); the heat didn't get me down (in fact, it was cooler in LA than it was on the...

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Home again, home again, jiggity jig jig

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When I was a child, my family lived on a dead-end gravel road off of Independence Highway, some miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our little street was situated by a stand of woods that I spent many, many happy hours in playing alone in the trees and running barefoot on a thick woodland carpet of pine needles and brown leaves.  Our house was a two-story red brick on about a half an acre of land (as best I can recall).  We had a stand of pines running at an angle in our backyard where my mother had a clothes...

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