Knitting Pattern "Alive Inside" DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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Knitting Pattern "Alive Inside" DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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This listing is for a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of a knitting pattern.  After placing your order you will receive two emails.  The first email will be a confirmation of your order; the second email will include a download link for the pattern.  If you encounter any difficulties downloading your pattern, please contact us for help.

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This shawl is crescent shaped, formed by 5 wedges.  Four of the wedges are equal in size, and a center wedge is twice as large as the others.  So you will have two same-sized wedges on one side, the center larger wedge, and then two more of the smaller, same-sized wedges on the other wide.

Using this shaping allows you to create a shawl of depth that will curve nicely around the shoulders and stay on more easily…kind of like a hand knit hug.

Recommended Fingering Weight Yarn Bases:  Maggie, Betty, Lillith, Beatrice, Winter Fingering, Glinda Gold, and Glinda Silver.

Skill Level:  Intermediate.  Needle Size:  U.S. 8