Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — scarf patterns

Suffering through "The Cold"

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This is one of those days when we really should sit and have a cup o' tea or coffee together ... or perhaps, a hot cocoa? Outside the sky is dark and stormy, wind is blowing and leaves are tossing about past my window as I write. I expect the rain will begin to fall at any moment and I welcome the excitement of receiving an autumn storm. I'm having a cup of half and half coffee and hot cocoa, what about you? Let's enjoy the coziness of being inside on a stormy day, sharing ideas about creativity, holiday plans,...

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Magic moments of light

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In my photography and painting, it is the magic of light and shadow I love most and hope most to capture and communicate. When I look at life outside our livingroom window, or driving down a country road, or as I wait on the bank of the river by our cottage while my husband mows the lawn, I see bits and pieces of light at times that cause me to catch my breath because in those fleeting moments of perfect light I see God. In Western New York I find many magic moments of light in my mornings and evenings....

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Summer calls

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I have learned something new about summer this year; I have gained an appreciation for summer in Western New York which I lacked in Southern California. Here, summer is a brief moment in time to seize and cherish. That is how the season is embraced here. Quite a contrast to the attitude I held toward summer in Southern California. For some people, the long seemingly never-ending summer in Los Angeles is why they are there. For me, it is why I left. So here I am, living on a farm in Western New York, embracing a new attitude toward summer....

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New hand knit dish cloth pattern

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I only have time for a quick post today to let my knitting readers know I have posted the free pattern for the Spring Time Dishcloth in twisted purl stitch on the I Live on a Farm website. (I hope you will check out my full line of patterns. You will find great ideas for knitted gifts such as Christmas Stockings, gift bags, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and more.) Have a beautiful day, ~ firefly

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Post 226

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Everything is coming alive; the feelings in the air and in the environment are exciting. Every day I look for signs of new flowers coming to life. I don't want to miss one moment, or one photo opportunity. I moved here last year in early May, and by then this place was live with blossoming trees and flowers everywhere. This year, I will capture the evolution with my camera and then my year will be complete. Sometimes at night the sounds of the peepers surrounding us everywhere keeps me awake for a time, but I enjoy the sound so much...

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