Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — dating

How he came to be my husband

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Winter, this winter, has been a temporary visitor here and there. She would stop by briefly, tease us a bit, then leave. Her snow and the cozy promises it presented would melt quickly each time and disappears altogether. She was ethereal and mysterious. We loved her and never scorned her visits, but did long for her to stay a bit longer, maybe settle in for a while and work her magic on the earth and roots and various other essential elements of the eco-system here. We also selfishly, I admit, wanted her presence with us for our own enjoyment and...

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Belated Happy New Year

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Hello again, and Happy New Year. One year ago I was still living in the foothills, north of Los Angeles. I was taking four-mile walks several times a week, and one path I followed took me under a freeway underpass, past a few sleeping homeless men, and across the Los Angeles "River". January in Los Angeles last year was unseasonably warm -- unreasonably warm.  The weather was so "nice" I was able to work on my paintings outdoors at a nearby park or in my sister's backyard. There were days when the temperature was in excess of 90 degrees ......

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Creating a prefect Christmas

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That's what we dream of each year ... isn't it? And, what is the perfect Christmas? Is it the vision on a television commercial, or is it reflected in a perfectly decorated set on a movie? Is it the scene you see drawn and painted on Christmas cards? Perhaps a vision of Christmas from when you were a child and everything still felt like exquisite and unchallenged magic? Side Bar: My eBook, "A Christmas Story" is available now to download. You may click on the picture at the right, or follow this link to get to the download page for...

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A small town "Hallmark" Christmas

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I found out this weekend the critters I have been making are able to knit. I was not aware of their having that particular talent, but I came downstairs early this morning and found three of them sitting around in a little circle knitting away and having a wee chat by candle light. Somehow or other they had managed to get ahold of some little finishing nails to use as knitting needles, and they had bits of my yarn. It was all very sweet, and this one was kind enough to sit for a photo. (I could be wrong, but...

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Whatever happened to ol' Bernie?

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Back in the summer, on our way back from church one Sunday morning, we stopped up the road a bit so I could shoot a photograph of a nice old barn I admired. I got the shot I wanted, but as we pulled away I caught sight of a second, smaller barn that was back a bit behind the first one. The second barn had boards falling out of it, and light spilled in from the back side wall, lighting the little barn up from within. Standing near the door, and with only his rump and hind legs showing, was...

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