Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — country living

Finished knitting the baby hat

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On the drive down to the Pig Roast Friday I completed the little knitted baby hat for Caps to the Capital. I have so much yarn left (of course) that I'll be able to make several more hats to send along. I will mail half of the left over yarn to my daughter and she will crochet several baby hats for the campaign. My husband helped start a local Habitat for Humanity chapter in the county where our farm is about twelve years ago. This area of the country has been experiencing an economical and population decline for quite some...

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As I knit ...

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As I knit the tiny baby hat for the Caps to the Capital campaign, I consider the fact that perhaps a one-day premmie baby out there in the wide world, somewhere, will live because she (or he) had this little cap to keep her head warm. Quite an opportunity I have in this wee little bit of yarn and stitches to possibly make a difference in my own little way somewhere in our world. I catch myself saying a little prayer for that child as I knit, like those nuns who knit prayer shawls and use knitting as a means...

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Socks finished, and now ...

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Our farm is on a river. From the living room, kitchen, and from our bedroom we can hear the river as it flows. Of course, along with the river comes many other sounds ... birds, cicadas, frogs, toads, and the wind rustling the leaves of the tall, slender trees along the river bank. Each morning I like to take a few minutes to step across the road and watch the river flow. We have had plenty of rain recently, so the river is running higher and stronger than it had been a few weeks back. This photo is one I...

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I drive a tractor

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Well, I drive a tractor now. I should clarify one point though ... my husband owns a farm, but he is not a farmer. He is an engineer and works in a village about nine miles from our farm. A local farmer rents about 40 acres of our land from us and plants it each year. This year he planted corn on all 40 acres. From what I understand he sometimes plants wheat on one section, corn on the other. Sometimes even soybeans. But this year it is all corn. The corn is gorgeous right now, a deep almost blue...

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What a weekend

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I have only been living here on the farm for about three months; only been married about three months. My husband is an avid bicyclist and bought me a very fine bicycle soon after we arrived home after our honeymoon. I of course am not an avid bicyclist, so my bottom had to get used to this new experience. I can't bring myself to wear actual bicycling clothing ... hey, its okay for people who are into it, but I'm just not in that place. However, my bottom sorely (no pun intended) needed some help, so I did invest in...

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