Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — biscuit recipes

Weathering the nor'easter

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Many of my readers live in in the Northeast, so I suppose many of us are huddled in our homes or offices today, weathering the big nor'easter that came up over the weekend. I love that word: nor'easter. Couldn't ever have used it in relation to my life until now. It has such a dramatic, romantic sound to it. Makes me feel as if I should be out by the sea waiting for a ship to come home carrying my love. I walk along an old stone wall by the sea. My long, dark cape blows and whips behind me,...

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100% Pure, Genuine Firefly

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[Note: The auction for the Little Nana, the handmade Knitting Thistleonian critter, ends this Friday morning ... in case you are interested.] I have learned many things, over the course of the past year, about New York State in general and western New York in particular. Of course, the most important thing I learned was that is there is such an area as "western" New York. It is even referred to as the Frontier Region. New York, a frontier. Interesting thought. Another interesting fact is that, while people tend to think of Vermont as "the maple syrup state" (I know...

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The finer points of fellowship

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Yesterday my husband and I went out on a drive in the afternoon to visit with some friends, Andy and Mabel, an older couple from our church. They just adopted a thirteen year old dog named Jenny from a local non-profit group dedicated to finding homes for pets in need. The non-profit was founded by a woman who won one million dollars in the New York lottery. She was a waitress at the time, driving a beat up old Chevy or something. To this day she is still a waitress driving that same old beat up car. She uses income...

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Gosh ma'am ... those sure are pretty biscuits

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I haven't made biscuits in a while; they are delicious and beautiful but they can be fattening if enjoyed too often. This morning I made a batch for you ... I wanted you to see the Biscuit Blanket I knitted this week stuffed with biscuits and I wanted to test the blanket to see just how warm it kept my biscuits and for how long. The pattern for the Biscuit Blanket is now posted ... have some fun with it! Much to my delight this batch of biscuits came out the fluffiest of any I have made in a long...

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