Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Fireflys hand knit Tractor Cozy free patternWhen the big snow hit our area back in March with two feet of snow, my husband had to get out on his tractor with the snow blower attachment on it and work for a few hours clearing our long circular driveway, a path from the barn to the garage, a sweeping drive-up space in front of our mailbox, the front walk way, and both ends of our driveway where the village's snow plows left large piles from their work. He did all of this in spite of the fact that he had just come down with the flu. I was outside shooting some photographs while he was driving the tractor and I had this inspired idea ... why not knit a cozy for the tractor, much like a tea cozy ... only a wee bit larger. Some thirty skeins of yarn later, the tractor cozy is complete and I am ready to show off my hard work and ingenuity with you, my faithful reader. In fact, this knitting pattern is so fun and enjoyable to work up I am going to share pattern with my readers for free. I call my design the Stow-and-Blow Easy Ride Tractor cozy. The idea is that my husband (or yours) can use the Tractor Cozy while snow blowing to keep both the tractor and the man cozy and warm. Notice the handy pompom on top. Well, that serves not only a decorative purpose but a practical one as well because it shields him from blowing snow as he works. The Cozy may also be used to keep the tractor cozy and warm when not in use over the cold months of late fall and winter. The yarn I used was Bulk-it-Up, Super-Duper Extra Chunky Nylon Farm yarn in the Ain't That Orange colorway. I picked mine up from the discount bin at Tractor Supply for $1.00 per skein (I used 32 skeins). To make the work go extra fast I used size U.S. 35 circular mega needles in the 72" length. This was a highly enjoyable project, as my husband and I cuddled under the mammoth fabric as I brought the cozy to life. Of course the best reward was when he set off outside to take care of the snow after another storm and I knew he would be safe as he worked beneath the cozy loving protection of his Easy Ride Tractor Cozy. The free knitting pattern will be available within a few days, so be sure to check back. Have a great day, firefly

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