Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Bronchitis Friday

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Tiny WreathYes, my cold turned ugly. Monday my doctor told me I had bronchitis and he put me on antibiotics. I am feeling better now, but not completely out of the woods as yet. The Cold of '07 has been quite a bugger for my husband and I both; he is still coughing now and then, although fortunately his did not go the bronchitis route. Of course, I can be optimistic and look on the bright side ... at least The Cold struck mid-November rather than mid-December. Somehow it seems more favorable to be ill over Thanksgiving than Christmas. It gives you this rather odd thing to be thankful for, the the cloud and fog of a muddled, cold besmitten mind. The Thanksgiving Scene for the ThistleoniansFor those of you who enjoyed the Thanksgiving card I posted last week, I offer a bit more information. My daughter is the creator of the table and bench, and the overall concept of Thistleonians working together on a wreath at a table. She was keeping me company one afternoon as I worked on Thistleonians and mini willow wreaths, and was inspired to create the scene you see in that photo. She made the table and bench tops from a couple of the antique barn wood scraps I gathered in our yard over the course of the past year. The legs for both were made from the stems of dried grasses we had on hand; she glued a tiny willow wreath and some dried flowers on the tabletop. My husband had the idea of filling acorn top "bowls" with seeds and berries and she incorporated that idea beautifully. I contributed the two Thistleonian artists to the scene. Detail shot of Thistleonian Thanksgiving sceneWe used this heartwarming setting in our Thanksgiving centerpiece, lit by nearby tea candles. Now I want to create a Thistleonian Christmas village with her help. Oh, what fun. In spite of being ill, I have worked out a deal with our favorite local restaurant to create a series of paintings that will be on display there. These paintings will range in size from 18" x 24" to a very large one that will be 19" x 50". The large painting will be a permanent fixture at the restaurant, whereas the others will be available for purchase by patrons. I will tell more as the project goes along, and will share photos as well as the details of the restaurant name and location. If you are anywhere in the Western New York area, you will want to eat at this particular restaurant because the chef is this amazing, talented young man who grew up in these parts but studied and worked as a chef in New York City. His restaurant is beautiful, the food is fantastic, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have such a dining choice in one of our nearby villages. The fact that I will have paintings hanging there delights me no end and I look forward to telling you more as things progress. More on Monday ... ~firefly

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