Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Beautiful autumn mornings

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Beautiful autumn view of Fireflys River at the FarmWe had our first lake effect snow flurries for the year two days ago, and temperatures here are definitely low these days. Autumn colors have hung around much longer than they did last year, so I am continuing to enjoy scrumptious views outside our windows, in our yard, and whenever I am out and about in a car. As leaves fall off the trees, more and more of the river across the road is visible from the house. I love this in-between time when there are less leaves than in the summer, gorgeous fall colors are in view on remaining leaves, but winter has arrived to remove all of the leaves. As you can see, we still have plenty of green leaves showing ... it has just been that kind of fall. Beautiful fall colors at Fireflys Place in Western New YorkYesterday morning I drove out along the shore of Lake Ontario to Partyka Farms out in Kendall, which is one of the lovely farming communities of Western New York. The drive was beautiful, with plenty of fall colors along the way and a wide open view of the Lake. The drive has been made even more interesting and beautiful due to the Country Barn Quilt Trail Lora Partyka has organized over the past couple of years. As you drive through the country side between our place and Partyka, you see large quilt squares on beautiful old barns and other buildings along the way. We plan to join the Quilt Trail by putting up a Double Wedding Rings quilt square on our historic barn this spring. I'll be sure to share news of that adventure as it gets underway. After my visit with Lora, I headed back over our way to the village where my husband works so we could meet up for Apple Caramel Lattes at a cozy little coffee nook that opened up a few months back. The coffee place is conveniently located right next door to my LYS ("local yarn shop" for non-knitting readers). Every once in a while I drive over to the village to meet him there for a cuppa something or other and a chat. In all, my driving around yesterday took me in a great big thirty mile circle, so I was able to take in plenty of beautiful views of the surrounding countryside in its current near perfect autumn state. I am so happy I had a chance to make that drive, because weather conditions could change at any minute and wipe away the views I love so much. Fireflys Miniature Willow WreathsThis week I sorted through all of the various wild things I have collected over the past year and got them all organized in various containers all over our dinning room table. I am ready to get into production on some new Thistleonians as well as miniature willow wreaths and some larger grapevine and willow wreaths and other holiday arrangments. These sweet little willow wreaths are only about two to three inches in diameter and quite enjoyable to make. I got the idea one day when we were out by our beautiful big willow tree, and I was watching the long, graceful willow whips swaying with the wind. Each wreath base is made with just one whip, wound round and round, in and out. These two are decorated with little popular cones, pussy willow, soy beans, acorns, dried winter berries from last year, and some dried flowers. I plan to make at least a dozen, if not more, to hang on our Christmas tree this year. Progress on Gabriels Hand Knit Baby Sweater Firefly is MakingProgress on the baby sweater is coming along just fine. I have nearly completed the back, which is the piece you see in the photo. The only problem I have had so far is that Blu developed a taste for yarn some time back, and managed to get hold of the cone of yarn for this project and chew on it a bit before he was discovered. There are a few places where he chewed through the skein, and so periodically I have to join two ends of yarn together. Fortunately, the yarn was not generally damaged. Oh, the things puppies do. I have to end off now, but I have not forgotten about sharing more of our recent vacation with you ... that will come next week. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy a delicious cuppo something or other this morning, and have a wonderful weekend with those people and places you love. ~ firefly

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