Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Cool Days of August

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Group of Apples An Oil Painting by J L FleckensteinWe are having exceptionally cool days, even though it is late August. It is cool enough during the day I find myself reaching for sweaters and jackets. Not that I'm complaining ... The first weekend of the art show at The Winery at Marjim Manor went very well. The weather was gorgeous, and the time spent at the Manor was both highly aesthetic and relaxing. There is something about that little section of western New York that I absolutely love. Up the road from the Manor is a little ice cream stand on a neighbor's farm where I love to go with my husband for a little impromptu "date". They serve many flavors of delicious Perry's Ice Cream (made in Akron, New York). My favorite is Peanut Butter Cup: chocolate with flakes of peanut butter. Mmm. A couple of days before the show started we went there for an ice cream after hanging paintings. A cool wind was blowing, the air was crisp and clear and you could feel the clarity of Lake Ontario just north of the highway. I told him as we sat there in a shady spot under a tree at a picnic table that there is something vital about that particular area which I love. The fruit farmers are always going by with tractors, up and down the road, off and onto their farms, doing this and that. The productivity is electric, and I feel as if they are doing quite well. They certainly do look competent and happy; the farms are large, clean, and quite organized ... more so than others I have seen. In the photograph of a painting (above) you see a group of apples from a local farm market, some we purchased last autumn. I am looking forward to buying another bushel or so from the same place this year. But first, we must load up on their peaches. I bought myself a dozen canning jars and plan to make peach preserves this weekend. Peaches are my husband's favorite fruit. The painting of the apples is one featured in the show at the winery. I have named my show, "Beginning with Barnum" and will tell you the story of why I named it that in Friday's blog. The painting above is also featured on my painting a day blog. I have to run ... some whole wheat buttermilk bread is about to come out of my bread maker: it is our newest favorite bread. Our friends, Dorothy and John, told us to come by for BLTs made from their abundant crop of romaine lettuce and ripe tomatoes and we're supplying the bread. I'll share the recipe for it on Friday as well. Oh, and as for knitting ... I just set up a sitting area in our bedroom for reading and knitting. We have a little loveseat in there, as well as a comfy chair with an ottoman. It is so cozy, I just love it completely. We are both looking forward to cozy autumn and winter evenings and weekends sitting in our new spot reading, sipping tea or coffee and knitting (I will be the only one knitting, not him). I just bought a half pound cone of Willow sport weight yarn from Louet to make a baby sweater for our new little nephew, born back in May. I've also still got three pairs of socks to knit for myself and patterns to share with you for it all -- the baby sweater, the socks ... oh my, what a lot I have to do. Have a great evening! ~firefly

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