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Here we have the hand knit gift bag in sunny yellow cotton ... but what's inside? Fireflys Mystery Hand Knit Project

Hey ... who's that peaking his little head out? What does it mean? Fireflys Mystery Hand Knit Project

Oooh, something else, under the duckie. What could it be? Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Now that looks downright yummie ... exquisite, handmade baby soap of only the finest ingredients. Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Oh, and what else do we have here? Hmm, a baby washcloth perhaps, handknit of the same soft sunny yellow cotton yarn the gift bag is made of. Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Ah, now that is pretty sweet ... two baby wash cloths. That second one is made of a scrumptiously clean and crisp variegated white and yellow cotton yarn. Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project My newphew and his wife just had their third baby girl this week ... three girls. I made this gift set for them, and it will be on its way shortly. Monday I will share the pattern for the hand knit cotton bag and baby washcloths with you, as well as the source of the incredibly fine handmade baby soap and the precious little rubber duckie. Meanwhile, I hope these sunny photos brighten up your day. I loved creating this project, and could hardly wait to share the results with you, my good friend and reader. Oh, and here's a bit of news for you. On Monday, providing I can get everything set up for it, I will begin selling fine yarns directly from my I Live on a Farm website. How cool is that? You will be able to purchase yarns I use in my projects, as well as needles. I was able to make an arrangement with my local yarn shop to make this possible, and I hope you will find it a valuable addition to my blog and accompanying website. Time for a hot cuppa whatever, wouldn't you say? Best to you and yours this weekend, ~firefly

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