Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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She gave me pearls

country living knitting

Pearl NecklaceA couple of days ago my daughter came to visit. My birthday was earlier this month, and she brought with her a beautiful pearl necklace and matching earrings she made for me. She designs and handcrafts exquisite gemstone and pearl jewelry. All of her findings are handmade, each piece is worked long and patiently with fine details which are her own trademarks. I am not much for jewelry, but I must say I cherish each piece she has made for me ... and I am fortunate enough to have quite a few. There is something about her jewelry that makes the person wearing it feel very fine and good. As for knitting ... I know it is very popular these days for people to vent their frustration, sarcasm, and woes about knitting and all the trouble one can get themselves into with it. But I have to say I have found knitting to be the opposite of all that even when frustration is involved. Staying calm during a storm of confusion is a vital human ability. Knitting provides an opportunity to gain that grounding if you confront the confusion and frustration and move steadily through rather than reacting violently and impatiently. Last year after my older brother passed away, I had many epiphanies ... more so than usual. One occurred while I was driving from Long Beach, California back up to the Los Angeles area on Memorial Day. As I drove along on the four lane freeway, someone a few cars ahead in a lane to the right of me made some erratic and dangerous move. I held my breath waiting to see who would react, what would happen, what accident would ensue? Nothing. No one reacted ... ergo, no fallout. I had a wonderful epiphany that moment ... it is our reactions to the events in life that cause all the havoc, not the events themselves. A powerful though simple realization. I remember it often. I believe it has an application in knitting and, conversely, I believe knitting can teach a person not to react to the events in life but to go with the flow, see what is there and act wisely rather than reactively. Off to care for my clients now. Hope you have an excellent day. ~firefly

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