Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Firefly lives by a riverOur farm is on a river. From the living room, kitchen, and from our bedroom we can hear the river as it flows. Of course, along with the river comes many other sounds ... birds, cicadas, frogs, toads, and the wind rustling the leaves of the tall, slender trees along the river bank. Each morning I like to take a few minutes to step across the road and watch the river flow. We have had plenty of rain recently, so the river is running higher and stronger than it had been a few weeks back. This photo is one I shot last week one morning, after a heavy night of rainfall. I plan to create an oil painting from this shot, because the lighting is so perfect. This morning it is chilly enough I need to wear a bulky sweater and my hands feel the bite of a chill in the air. I suppose I should knit myself up a pair of either fingerless gloves or fingerless mittens now that I'm living in a much cooler climate. As a writer and artist I work from home; now that I am here and someone will be home during the day in the cold months, the heater will certainly have to run more than it did before. I am hoping I can ward that off as much as possible by wearing warmer clothes inside, and I think the fingerless gloves/mittens would help toward that end. I could use a pair right now as I type ... brrrrrr (no complaints though). Hand knit socks are complete nowYesterday afternoon when my husband came home from work I joined him in the living room to knit a bit while he read the paper. He looked over at my sock project and said, "Oooh, approaching the toe!" This man had never seen anyone knit "live" until he married me, and already he knows when a hand knit sock is approaching the toe. He is very enthusiastic about and supportive of my interests--another reason I love him so. He was right too, I was approaching the toe; I finished the second sock early this morning. It felt so good to try them and wiggle my toes. That Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn is very soft and cuddly. I'd like to make a sweater out of it, now that I know what an easy knit it is. It has great spring and slide on the needles and was a total pleasure to handle. Yarn to knit caps and hats for a babyUPS delivered a package from Joann.com ... yarn I ordered and some needles for a project I will be doing next. If you haven't heard about it yet, there is a very special project, Knitters & Crocheters for Newborns: Caps to the Capital. The project is based on the fact that millions of newborn babies per year die because either there was no cap to keep their little heads warm, or there were no antibiotics available to them, or there was not a sterile cutting utensil for the umbilical cord at their birth. So there is a campaign to get knitters and crocheters to make little caps (and they need millions of them) which will be distributed around the globe in kits along with antibiotics and sterile cutting utensils. The "Caps to the Capital" refers to a particular campaign they are running to bring attention to this situation at the Presidential level. Please take a moment to read about the program and see if you might make a cap and send it along. My daughter and I are both going to do it and I hope to get ladies from our Church to pledge to make caps as well. It is a very worthwhile project deserving as much support as we can muster at the grassroots level. Sugar'n Spice yarn for knittingAlso in the package from Joann.com was some Sugar'n Cream yarn I ordered to see about knitting up some potholders or something for the kitchen here. My daughter uses Sugar'n Spice for knitting scarves, and I like the sheen and texture of it so thought I'd get a few skeins to play around with sometime. I have a web site to finish up for one client, and a writing project to attend to for another ... so I'll be off now. Blue skies and cool temperatures to you! ~firefly

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